Giving Back

The company is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and supporting community practices.

Savills considers requests for assistance from various charitable organisations throughout the year and employees are also encouraged to nominate charities that are personal to them. These requests are assessed by the CSR Steering Committee and an overall plan is developed for the year. Such requests may take the form of fund raising donations but the Company’s preference is to find opportunities for employees to use their knowledge, skills and experience by working with the charity in question.

We believe that providing opportunities for “Savillians” to ‘give back’ will benefit their well-being, morale and build a collaborative and inspired team. We can also see that volunteering can provide leadership opportunities for employees which can increase staff performance and fulfilment.

A selection of some worthwhile initiatives that we run annually include;

Got Talent

Dublin, Cork and Belfast Got Talent

This is an event that was pioneered within our Belfast office in 2013 and due to its overwhelming success was rolled out to both our Cork and Dublin offices in 2014. 

Solas Project

Solas Project
Dragons's Den 

The Solas Project is an initiative which aims to provide purposeful activities in a caring and secure home-like environment for children at risk of early school leaving due to social and educational disadvantage. Savills Ireland and Solas Project came together to run a five week “Dragons’ Den” style programme for fifth class students in CBS Francis St, Dublin 8 in 2013. 

Annual Bake Sale
Focus Ireland

Various Charities
Bake Sale and Rugby Blitz

Savills hosts a bake sale annually in order to support local Charites. This is a great initiative as everybody can get involved, and there is great competition between staff on who can produce the best baked goods! Over the years we have raised much needed funds for charities such as; Focus Ireland and the Childhood Cancer foundation. 

SVP giving tree
St Vincent de Paul

Giving Tree

Each year around the Christmas period the CSR team run an SVP collection in the form of a food drive and the SVP Giving Tree. The food drive is hugely successful with many employees donating items for those who are struggling in our community around the Christmas period. 

Focus Ireland

Various activities

Beloved Takeover On Friday June 26th 2015 a team from Savills Ireland took over Focus Ireland’s Beloved Charity Shop in Malahide, to raise as much funds in one day as possible for homelessness. An important part of this day was for the Company as a whole to gather as much good quality stock as possible for the Savills team to maximise sales on the day. This was both a fantastic fundraising and team building experience.


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