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Jaroslav Kaizr at Den české logistiky event presenting unique MBA program focused on real estate

The professional and social event Den české logistiky will take place on 11th April at the University of Economics in Prague. Savills is a partner of the event which is currently in its 5th year.

A highlight from program for the event will be a performance by Jaroslav Kaizr, Head of Savills Rental Department for the Czech and Slovak Republics. In his entry entitled “Crossing the Threshold of a New Real Estate Era”, the brand-new MBA program at the University of Economics will be presented called Real Estate and their Valuation (MBARE). Jaroslav co-founded and leads the program which is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, connecting students with the largest market experts. What does Jaroslav say about MBARE?

The new MBA study program was introduced at the University of Economics on November 2018. You are a founder of this program which deals with real estates and its valuation. Why did you establish this program and how does it enrich the world of real estate?

Finally there is a real estate field in universities that meets the requirements of practice. It is the first MBA program of its kind in the Czech Republic. This program - which we call MBARE for short - is the only one of its kind to bring the knowledge of development, investment and real estate valuation to its fullest extent and depth. Our long-term goal is to develop real estate studies and research at university level, which will form the basis for the establishment of an independent master's program in real estate.

The real estate sector has recently undergone a significant progress in development. How are recent innovations reflected in the MBARE program? Are you dealing with these innovations in some subjects?

Yes, there is even a subject called "Innovations in real estate". It summarizes all the current trends we observe in the real estate market from a technological point of view. We deal with innovations more or less in each of our subjects. For example, the Real Estate Measurement Standards examines, among other things, trends in standardization of real estate measurement techniques and deployment, ie. International Property Measurement Standards or "IPMS". I could go on…

We have heard that the MBARE program has come from a practice initiative. How does this initiative express itself during teaching?

Correct. The program is mainly based on the requirements of practice, and therefore the training is provided by experts who are leaders in their fields. An integral part of the program is the elaboration and defense of a development project on a specific plot, which is given to the students for a solution and in which they can realize the full extent of their property. More information about this program, individual subjects and lecturers can be found at in the section "For those interested in studying". Of course we are not idle and we are constantly pushing subjects and their practical and theoretical content forward.

What will be the admission schedule for the 2019/2020 academic year and are you planning any further changes in the program structure?

At the turn of May and June this year, an open day will take place, where people will have the opportunity to meet lecturers and current students. MBARE applications will be accepted in September 2019, interviewing candidates will take place in October and November this year. Currently, the program is taught in Czech with English lectures by foreign experts, and our next task is to open the MBARE program in English. There will be two language versions of the study, which will enable foreign applicants to study real estate too.

Registration for participants of Den české logistiky will start at 1 PM, the official program starts at 1:30 PM. Jaroslav Kaizr will present at 02:05 PM in Venclovský aula of the University of Economics. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about MBARE directly from one of its co-founders. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information on this year's Den české logistiky, including the complete program, visit

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