Spotlight: UK cross sector outlook


Investment trends and forecasts for 2019 across the commercial, residential and rural sectors

Welcome to the 2019 edition of our annual Cross Sector Outlook. Our three heads of research, Mat Oakley, Lucian Cook and Emily Norton present their forecasts for the coming year and give their hot picks for out-performance in 2019 and beyond.

With Brexit uncertainty imminent, calling the market for 2019 is no easy task. The autumn budget confirmed that there is slack in the system to support a shock to the economy, but political change and regulatory reform remain key risk factors. In this uncertainty, a flight to real-estate assets could be expected, but with capital growth lacking in the short term, seeking the best rental growth prospects means finding niches and meeting changing expectations. Attractive investment opportunities are still coming to the market.

This Spotlight helps identify where the best value can be found across the various asset classes in the rural, commercial and residential sectors to inform your future investment decisions.

Our expert knowledge and insight across all sectors are a tangible benefit to our clients, and – especially at times of uncertainty – our real-estate expertise has never been more important.

To listen to our researchers debate their predictions of the key trends for 2019, you can also listen to our podcast.

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