We provide energy procurement and consultancy services for commercial and private rented sector (PRS) properties throughout the island of Ireland. 

Our team of experienced consultants help commercial landlords and tenants to reduce electricity costs by procuring 100% renewable energy at the most competitive deals on the wholesale energy market.  

In addition, through smart metering, our clients can manage their electricity consumption in real-time via our online platform, SavIQ.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: We audit the property’s energy consumption and associated costs
  • Step 2: We go to the wholesale energy market and purchase electricity – generated from sustainable and renewable sources – at exceptionally competitive rates.
  • Step 3: We install Internet of Things (IoT) sensors throughout the property, recording real-time energy consumption – and associated costs – to be monitored via the SavIQ online platform.
  • Step 4: We link the buildings renewable energy sources to SavIQ. 
  • Step 5: We monitor the property’s monthly energy consumption and provide advice on reducing output levels – for example, do many of your employees work after-hours? Why not invest in remote-working – thus reducing energy requirements.

What is SavIQ?

SavIQ is Savills unique in-house developed flexible sustainability reporting, monitoring, and benchmarking tool, allowing users to monitor, measure and improve a property’s electricity, water and gas consumption as well as waste streams and building certifications.  SavIQ can also be linked to other Building Management Systems over laying operational set points with real time utility consumption, turning data into actionable tasks.

In addition to identifying opportunities for cost reduction, clients can also utilise the data in SavIQ to drive the achievement of their sustainability targets.

SavIQ is integrated with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) platform, allowing the easy transfer of data for annual GRESB reporting.

Why should I engage with Savills Energy?

We have a proven track-record of success. Since we launched this service in 2016, we have saved our clients in excess of €1.2 million and helped better manage their consumption of energy. We have also saved our clients in excess of €0.5 million by reviewing their metering strategy, tariff analysis and optimisation.

However, while cost-reduction is important, it’s not the only reason to review your energy requirements. Ireland will not meet its 2020 renewable energy targets, with 90% of energy still sourced from fossil fuels. 

This leaves Ireland open to substantial fines from the EU, which may be collected via a Climate Change Levy (CCL), similar to the system in the place in the UK, where energy delivered to commercial buildings is additionally taxed based on consumption levels.


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