About clicktopurchase® 

Savills Ireland uses clicktopurchase® to help buyers safely, easily and legally buy property online.


clicktopurchase® is Legally Binding and Agent-Operated

Clicktopurchase® is an agent-operated transactional platform that supports online auctions and sale by private treaty.  Accepted offers and successful bids on property using the Clicktopurchase® are legally binding and involve the exchange of contracts (Digitally Signed) as part of the sales process. 

clicktopurchase® is Safe

Purchases using clicktopurchase® are safe and protected by X509 encryption, preventing any potential for external interference in the sales process or sales documentation. 

clicktopurchase® is Easy to Use

Simply register to use clicktopurchase® widget and get started, following the steps shown clearly in the user guides. 

Solicitor Start to Finish Guide

Vendor Start to Finish Guide

clicktopurchase® Terms and Conditions